Demo: Create New Narrative Entries from UI

The main way for narrative data to get into Debrief is by the translation of system recording into .REP format. But, on occasion a Debrief analyst wishes to enter one or more narrative entries directly into Debrief. Historically this has always been possible right-clicking on the Narratives folder in the Outline View, or by right-clicking

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New Feature in Development: Support for multiple primary sensors

Analysts have always been able to use Target Motion Analysis (TMA) algorithms to predict missing track data using passive sensor data. Traditionally, this has only allowed use of a single sensor. Now analysts would like to triangulate a track using multiple sensors. This trial release will let you do just that, to perform manual TMA.

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New Feature in Development: Manual TMA using sensor measurements from more than one platform

Part of the package of new features to support multi-statics is to allow manual TMA to be conducted using sensor measurements from more than one platform. This video shows how sensor data from two floating sensor buoys can be used to triangulate a straight leg of positional data. The changes to support this have affected

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Sprint 3 – Debrief Lite

Sprint 3 has largely been behind-the-scenes efforts to get ready for some upcoming significant features (especially Debrief Lite). An automated build/test of Debrief Classic is now performed on every commit, and it’s now included in every release (rebadged as Debrief Lite). This has allowed us to de-risk the eventual builds of Debrief Lite proper. Debrief

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New Feature in Development: Preparing to Export to PowerPoint

Analysts have some specific needs for their reports. Sometimes they’d like exported images to be in a specific size or aspect ratio. Resizing imported images in word or powerpoint is easy, but if it’s not in the correct aspect ratio the images can get stretched/compressed. Doesn’t look good at all does it? That’s why we’re

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New Feature in Development: Export to PPT

What good is all this analysis if you can’t put it in a report? Many of our analysts use powerpoint to show their teams what they’ve found. Most use cropped screenshots for the task, but we wanted to help them do better. That’s why we’re adding the ability to export scenarios as video files or

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New Version Release

We’re pleased to release version 3.0.440. The highlights in this release are the early technical demonstrators for video replay & lightweight tracks. Feedback on these is most welcome. It also includes the exporter (see wizard below) for data in the new UK track exchange format. Full details on the release here:…/debrief/releases/…/20180706_3_0_440