Powerful, free, fast and intuitive. The Debrief Maritime Analysis Tool accelerates maritime data analysis and reporting. Over twenty years of visionary development make us the first choice of effective analysts the world over.


Open Source

Debrief’s Open Source license means that it is (and always will be) completely free to use, plus you’ll never suffer “Vendor lock-in”.

Multi Platform

Debrief’s Java foundations mean that it will run on 32 and 64 bit versions of MS Windows, Apple OSX and Linux.


Under continuous maintenance since 1995, the algorithms underpinning Debrief have had around two decades of testing and development.


A suite of custom data views mean that challenging analysis tasks become easy and straightforward, allowing the analyst to focus on considered observations rather than collating data.


Currently in use by Navies, Governmental and non-Governmental organisations around the world, the Debrief software has unprecedented levels of reliability.


This well documented, standards adherent application is easy to maintain, either within your own organisation or with commercial contracted support.


Trials Planning
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Analysis & Reporting

Debrief supports the full maritime analysis process, from loading data, through analysing that data, to producing attractive and persuasive images in your analysis report.

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Trials Planning

Debrief has specialised capabilities that make it ideal for the whole equipment trials process: covering planning, analysis and presenting results.

Trials Planning

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