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Have Your Say on a Shiny New Debrief Capability

We’re launching a new capability for a broader set of analysis. In addition to running standalone  this tool will be seamlessly integrated into with Debrief. Why Do We Need a New Tool? Debrief traditionally enjoys a fixed data model, understanding precisely how to exploit, visualise and process each type of data.  Over the years analysts

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Natural Earth merged into Master Branch

After several months of beta-testing the Natural Earth rendering has been merged into the master branch – and will now form part of the standard Debrief installation. All Debrief installations come with a small, low resolution Natural Earth dataset:   But, it’s also possible to download and install two much higher resolution datasets (in a

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Exporting plot data for external analysis

Abstract This posting discusses a modification that was made to make Debrief’s calculated data more accessible to scientific users.  Whilst Debrief has lots of tools for data analysis, it remains possible to export this data to a spreadsheet for external analysis. Customer MWC Backstory An analyst needed to product a custom XY chart to prove

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