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New Feature in Development: Export to PPT

What good is all this analysis if you can’t put it in a report? Many of our analysts use powerpoint to show their teams what they’ve found. Most use cropped screenshots for the task, but we wanted to help them do better. That’s why we’re adding the ability to export scenarios as video files or

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New Version Release

We’re pleased to release version 3.0.440. The highlights in this release are the early technical demonstrators for video replay & lightweight tracks. Feedback on these is most welcome. It also includes the exporter (see wizard below) for data in the new UK track exchange format. Full details on the release here:…/debrief/releases/…/20180706_3_0_440

Two dimensional datasets

Continuing from the previous article regarding support for non-time datasets, we’re now going to consider how to collate two non-time indexed dataset to produce a 2D dataset that can be displayed as a heat map. Background The big picture objective is to view a two-dimensional plot containing the signal strength from a transmitter (tx) mapped

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Measured TA Data

Last year’s addition of Stacked Charts in Debrief started the movement towards more free-flowing analysis using Debrief.  Stacked Charts allowed the analyst to consider the relationships between any kind of data in Debrief. Traditionally Debrief had a tightly focused data model: platform tracks plus some sensor data.  While new graphical annotations and cosmetic styling of

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Exploring the Tactical Overview

For the last year we’ve been steadily progressing Debrief’s data analysis capabilities (read last year’s introduction here), adding features in packages focussed on analysts’ requirements. The first major realisation of this is in Debrief’s new Tactical Overview display, which will be released later on today. This posting will give you an overview of the capability.

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How to Comment on a Debrief Issue

Commenting on a Debrief Issue Commenting on any open or closed Debrief issue, whether your own or anyone else’s, is easy to do: Click on the Subject line of the issue you wish to comment on to view the issue: The issue will then display: As the above image shows, there is a comment box

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How to Edit or Delete Debrief Issues and Comments in Github

Editing or Deleting Debrief Issues and Comments in GitHub In this post, we’re going to cover editing and deleting issues and comments on issues in GitHub. Considering what we’ve already covered, you should hopefully be  quite familiar with where everything is in GitHub now, and this should be a breeze. Editing an Issue or Comment

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