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Lightweight Tracks

In today’s release we’re including a technical demonstrator for Lightweight Tracks.

Some analysis tasks require the analysis of traffic passing through the exercise area. This could come from radar, AIS or IFF, and can be hundreds (or even thousands) of tracks.

But, in traditional Debrief practice, all tracks sit at the top level of the Outline View, and they can be difficult to manage.

Plus, plotting such a large number of tracks can be a performance hit.

So, we’ve introduced lightweight tracks that, because they have less formatting, can be plotted much more quickly.

It’s also possible to store lightweight tracks in folders, to both help manage them and to de-clutter the top level of the Outline View.

Have a look in the attached video:

Ian Mayo (from Deep Blue C Technologies) has been developing and maintaining Debrief since 1995, and helping users perform effective analysis and deliver persuasive results.

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